Capturing the world a still frame at a time. I have been capturing images professionally for over 20 years, for companies, brands and individuals.

The work I produce is varied and is not sector specific. It can range from mountainous landscapes, to headshots, to pieces of tech equipment, to yachting regattas.

I use high quality Sony cameras and G-Master lenses and can work light and nimble. Theres no image limit to work either, you get all the best ones taken.

Event Photography

Capturing high quality images at various events is a valuable asset to any event organiser.

You can not only share with the people after the event, you can use the images to promote the next. Plus, there’s no limit on how many images are taken, you get all the best ones.

Landscape Photography

Often very useful to tourist boards and magazines, capturing the landscape of a particular area can really boost people wanting to visit.

I am passionate about being in the outdoors, and my camper-van “Snowy” is a great base camp. I also have my own hiking gear, tents and safety equipment to get extremely remote on multi day hikes.

Commercial Photography

Photos that work for you and your business. All the images you need for your marketing channels, internal and external.

These can include:

  • Headshots
  • Product photography
  • Work spaces and buildings